This is the dedicated Stormcastle meme collection point. If you want to share these pics elsewhere, please give me a credit :)

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My minimalist take on a popular Batman panel.
Bats doesn’t do this nearly enough.

Brace yourselves: big data is coming.

"Help me, you idiots!"
The whole Nixon era makes sense now: the ‘H’ in HMO stands for ‘Hydra’.
You know… Time Magazine makes it’s entire living out of writing, so you’d think they’d not be so derpin’ obvious.
…and I blithely ignore 98% of the human population.
I didn’t do the base artwork, but I did rework the word balloons - since whomever did the original 1) did it all in MS-Paint, and 2) didn’t have the greatest finesse for the English language.
It’s funny how it’s always Satan’s fault when shit happens that religious types don’t like.Gay marriage is legal? Satan.Abortions? Satan.Global warming? Satan.When they’re caught being hypocritical asshats? Satan.
…and it involved something called the ‘Dewey Decimal System’ - which was sort of like a DNS look-up for books.